Implementation Guide

This article will explain everything you, as the head coach or general manager, need to know to get your gym up and running with this powerful new tool. 

What is TrainHeroic?

TrainHeroic is an online platform which allows coaches to deliver specialized programming to athletes. Athletes can then log their workouts and track their gainz while participating in friendly competition via the leaderboard.

How can TrainHeroic help me? 

Create competition and athlete engagement 

TrainHeroic encourages competition each and every day. We believe that daily competition will improve an athlete's individual performance and results.

This will not only create friendly competition between athletes in the same class, but help keep them accountable to log their results and continuously improve. 

The goal here is to engage athletes and get them excited about becoming better athletes.

Retain Your Members

Every time an athlete logs their workout, they are providing you with valuable information on their progress.

If you are a business, you can use this information to show them how much you have helped them improve over the course of their membership. 

High school coaches and PE teachers, you can use this information to show parents and administrators what you have done to help your athletes and students over the course of a season or semester. 

Below, you will find the steps required to successfully roll out TrainHeroic at your location:

Technology Requirements- First, make sure your location has the equipment listed here.

  1. Equipment Setup
  2. Invite athletes
  3. Get the message out- Let your athletes know that you will be using TrainHeroic to deliver their workouts and what your expectations are for them to use this. Here you will find a sample post that will provide your athletes with more information on getting started with their account.

Who do you contact if you have questions?

The Performance Team at TrainHeroic is happy to give you a spot. or call 1-855-OUT-LIFT with any questions. 

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