Getting Started: Equipment Setup

If you want to deliver a truly engaging experience each and everyday, here's how...


WIFI is an absolute must-have

1. Athletes on Their Phones

Each athlete should have a smart phone so they can use their phone to login to their profile to view and log their workout and leaderboard each day.

2. Tablets

We encourage you to have 1-2 tablets as a catch-all for any athlete that doesn't have a phone. iPads are encouraged but both iOS and Android devices will work.

  • Download the Team Training App to each tablet
  • Login to the app using your coach login credentials
  • We recommend 1 tablet for every 6-8 athletes

To delivery a truly engaging experience, make sure you're putting your athletes in the best possible position to be engaged by ensuring they'll have their own device (a phone), or that they'll have access to a shared device (a tablet).

With Wifi, Phones, and Tablets, you should feel awesome about the experience you'll deliver each and everyday to your athletes.


1. Big Screen TV

  • Needs to be centrally located and visible to athletes while they're working out.
  • We suggest mounting to a wall in the strength section of your facility

2. Computer

  • The Leaderboard and Digital Whiteboard can be accessed from your coach account on any computer
  • Login to the Team Training App using your coach login credentials
  • We recommend 1 computer for every 6-8 athletes
  • HDMI Cable or Google Chromecast
    • This is to project the full screen leaderboard to your TV
    • An HDMI cable should be attached from TV to your central computer and the Full Screen Leaderboard displayed
    • Here are instructions for enabling Google Chromecast

3. Tablet clips

  • Mount to any rack, bench or in a case to be carried around the weight room
  • We recommend this tablet clip

If you have questions about which equipment to use, please let us know.

You can email us at or call us direct at 855-688-5438 ext. 1

We're standing by and happy to help.

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