Understanding the Difference Between Teams and Programs

TrainHeroic allows you to create Teams and Programs and let us describe the difference between the two.

A Team is simply a calendar.

By creating a Team, you can place workouts and training programs on that team's calendar.

You'll then invite athletes to the team so they have access to any workout on that team's calendar.

Sure, your teams can have hundreds of athletes on them but a team can also simply be a calendar that one single athlete has access to.

For personal training and when working with athletes 1 on 1, simply create a unique team for each athlete in order to fully customize their training calendar.

With TrainHeroic, you can also create training programs.

Training programs are a fixed number of training sessions over some period of time.

As a coach, you can create programs and simply place that program on a team's calendar, choosing when you'd like the program to start for that particular calendar. You can even make changes after the fact to the workouts on that team's calendar to accommodate scheduling or unique needs that the athletes using that calendar might have.

Programs are flexible and you can skip adding a program to a calendar and instead simply give your athletes access to a program so they can perform the program whenever they'd like to.

Make sense!? Totally confused!?

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