Testing and Updating Athletes' Maxes

Your athletes' maxes will update in real-time based on their training results UNLESS you've decided to Test your athletes or manually adjust their working maxes. 

Once a particular movement is "tested" or manually adjusted, TrainHeroic will NOT update that athlete's max for that movement again, unless the movement is re-tested or manually adjusted.
Note: If testing isn't part of your regular routine, and you'd prefer to have the athlete's working max automatically update as they train, you can bypass testing. We'll automatically update the athlete's working max as they train.
Testing allows you as the coach to control when a max updates, based on specified testing periods, but still allows TrainHeroic to give you a spot in gathering performance data in the case that a particular movement is not ever tested.

There are a few ways to update athlete's maxes:

1. Simply program the movement that you're testing in today's workout and their result will update their maxes so long as they beat their current max
2. Program a "testing" session to reset the athlete's working max. Here is how to do that.

3. Manually adjust an athlete's max using the Athlete Management option from your Coach account

4. Athletes can also adjust their maxes on their own

5. Use the Spreadsheet feature to manually adjust a list of athletes' maxes in real-time

If you have questions about testing, updating athletes' maxes, or anything else, please let us know.

You can email us at or call us direct at 855-688-5438 ext. 1

We're standing by and happy to help.

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