Adding a TrainHeroic Program to Your Team's Calendar


As an Elite coach, you'll have full access to a couple of amazing programs that are ready to go.

Learn more about TrainHeroic's Explosive Athlete Program, built for the multi-sport athlete by clicking here and TrainHeroic's Heroic Athlete Program, built for general fitness, by clicking here.

You can simply take a program that our coaches have built and add it to your calendar, starting on whichever date makes sense for your team.

Here is how to do that:

First, create a Team

Click on the 'Add from Library' icon from the team's calendar

Select a program that you'd like to use (I recommend our Explosive Athlete Program titled EAP)


Select a start date


From there you can make changes if you'd like to or just leave the program as-is.

 The two programs that we recommend are:

The Explosive Athlete Program (EAP) for your athletes 

The Heroic Athlete Program (HAP) for your beginner-level athletes or non-athletes. The Heroic Athlete Program was built for physical education settings.

If you have questions about how to quickly setup your team to use a pre-built program in TrainHeroic, please let us know. You can email us anytime at or call us at 1-855-688-5438.

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