Using The Mobile App As A Coach

As a coach, you now have the ability to review an individual's training session directly from our mobile app. Here's how to do just that!

To get started with reviewing logged sessions, you'll want to download the mobile app and login using your coach login credentials.

Then, select the arrow next to your name on the upper left. 

If you're not seeing this arrow, that means that you're not logged into your coach account. 


Next, select the name of an athlete whose session you'd like to review. 

Note: This is a "Read Only" view. You will not be able to log for the athlete. If you'd like to log for yourself, select your name at the bottom where it says (you). You too have an athlete account in-sync with your coach account!


Use the calendar scroll to select which date you'd like to review. Scroll through the session to see exactly what the athlete recorded during their session against what you prescribed.


When reviewing individual sessions, all Session Comments will also be visible at the top of the session with an option to reply.


If you have any questions on using the mobile app to review your athletes' sessions, please shoot us an email at

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