Programming for Individual Athletes

Programming for athletes 1:1, or looking to modify an athlete's Team programming?

Here's a quick video on how to program for Individual Athletes.

And here's a step-by-step on how to setup your 1:1 programming: 

First, you'll want to invite an athlete to a Team.

Think of Teams as 2 things:

  1. Athletes who are training on the same schedule, through the Team calendar.
  2. A way to invite athletes to your Organization.

In the second instance, you can think of your Team as a "Group." With this, you'll streamline the invite process, have a group Feed to make general announcements, and you'll be able to review the data in Analytics by group. This will save you time!

Once an athlete is invited to a Team or "Group," they'll appear on the Athletes tab with their own 1:1 calendar. 

To program directly on their calendar, select the athletes tab from the left-hand navigation menu and select the athlete calendar icon.



Next, start programming or add a program to their calendar. 

From the athlete's individual calendar, you'll be able to see a summary of sessions from Teams that the athlete belongs to as well as sessions that you've added directly to their calendar. 

Screen_Shot_2018-04-10_at_4.28.18_PM.pngTo view details of a logged Team session, just hover your mouse over the session. To modify present or future Team programming, simply click on the session. This will expand the session for editing and generate a 1:1 session.

Note: Only Team sessions will be available through the Team Training App.


To view details of a 1:1 session programmed directly on their calendar, click on the Readiness Score Card at the top of their session. This should open a drawer on the right.


If you have any questions on programming for individual athletes or anything else, please contact our Customer Success Team at


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