Readiness Surveys: Monitor your Athletes Readiness

Monitor your athletes needs before and after training with our readiness surveys. 

Not sure if you need readiness surveys? Check out our blog post here to learn more about the value that readiness data can bring to you and your athletes. 

How to enable readiness surveys on your account:

1. Log into your coach account and click on your profile picture or avatar on the upper right-hand corner. 

2. Select Settings


3. On the upper left, select Readiness Surveys


4. Click to enable readiness surveys for teams, 1:1 calendars or both.


 Viewing the results:

On the coaching side of things, you'll be able to gauge the average readiness, average time it took for your athletes to complete the workout, as well as the average intensity:


Individual survey results can be viewed via the athlete's 1:1 calendar, or via Readiness Analytics within CoachHeroic.  

If you have any questions on using the mobile app to review your athletes' readiness survey results, please shoot us an email at

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