Creating Programs

Creating training Programs in the Library helps you as a coach plan ahead, and save time by re-using your programming.

Programs are not attached to any dates. In essence, you can think of Programs as templates to be re-used, copied, and edited for years to come. They'll live in your Library, and you can assign them to multiple Teams and athletes.

1. To create a Program from scratch, head to the Library.


2. Select 'Create New Program' in the upper right-hand corner to begin a new Program.


3. Give your Program a title.

We also suggest choosing a Program length. If you're not quite sure how long your Program will be, no sweat! Leave that field blank:


4. Begin building programming.

There's a couple important things to consider when creating a Program:

1. Always begin programming on Day 1, Week 1.

This ensures that when you assign the Program to a calendar and choose a start date, your athlete will see programming beginning on whatever start date you choose.

2. Make sure the Program is complete before you assign it to a calendar.

When you assign a Program to a Team or athlete calendar, you're essentially giving them a hard copy of what's in the Library at that point in time. The benefit of this is that if you assign a Program to an athlete, and that athlete requires modifications midway through their Program, you can edit their programming directly on their calendar and that will NOT effect the original copy in the Library.

Pro Tip: You can also copy your Programs. CLICK HERE to learn how.

Assign your Program to a Team or Athlete

Once you're ready, you can assign your Program to a Team from the Library.


To assign your Program to an athlete, open athlete's calendar:


Then select the 'Add From Library' icon in the upper-right hand corner.


This will open up a drawer on the right that syncs up with your Library. Search and select your Program, then choose a start date to drop the Program onto your athlete's calendar. You can also use this method to assign a Program to a Team, too!


If you have questions about creating Programs, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime you need a spot!

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