Readiness Analytics

Analyzing Readiness Data

Readiness Surveys are a way to assess how well your athletes are taking care of themselves and adapting to their training. You can now easily analyze their readiness scores over time.

Check out THIS VIDEO for an overview of how to best use Readiness Analytics.

To access Readiness Analytics, click on 'Analytics & Reports' in the left-hand menu.


Choose either 'Team' or 'Athlete.'

Pro Tip: Unless you have a specific athlete in mind, we suggest starting with Team Readiness. The team or "group" view will highlight any scores or athletes that require your attention.

When you select Team Readiness, you’ll be shown all of the athletes in your organization who have logged readiness data today. The athlete are sorted by readiness score (ascending) so that the lowest scores float to the top of the list.

Each athlete entry is clickable, and will bring you to the athlete's individual readiness scores for the past 30 days.

To print or export the data, please click HERE.

If you have any questions on using Readiness Analytics to analyze your athlete's Readiness Survey results, please send us an email at

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