Creating Master Calendars

Each Team that you create has it's own training calendar. But what if some of your Teams are on the same training plan and schedule? We've got you covered, coach. You can manage your programming for multiple Teams in one place by using a Calendar from the Library.

Think of a Calendar as a "Master Calendar" which can be assigned to multiple Teams. This option is most popular with PE Teachers who have one Team for each class period, when each period is following the same training plan.

With one click, you can turn a Calendar on or off for a Team. With an Elite account, you'll have access to TrainHeroic Calendars for on and off-season.

Click HERE to learn how to use TrainHeroic Calendars OR follow the instructions below to create a New Calendar.

First, head to the Library. Then select 'Calendar.'


Next, select 'Create New Calendar,' and give that Calendar a title. Finally, select 'Create Calendar.'


Once you've created your Calendar, you'll program directly on the calendar. You can even add Programs from your Library using the 'Add from Library' option in the upper right-hand menu.


After you've created your Calendar and added programming, you'll want to assign the Calendar to your Teams. From your Calendar Library page, select 'Assign.'


Use the dropdown to select the appropriate Teams that will be subscribed to this Calendar.


Once the Teams are subscribed to the Calendar, remember, you'll only need to maintain that programming on your "master" Calendar, not the individual Teams. Pretty cool, right?!

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Success Team and we would be more than happy to help. Send us an email at

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