Best Practices: 5 Tips For Successful Programming

You’ve chosen a platform that offers loads of flexibility and allows you to run your training sessions the way you want. With so many options, we’d like to offer some suggestions and best practices that will help you save time programming and keep your athletes excited about tracking their progress.


Programming for Success

When athletes have too much to track during one session, they are less likely to log, leaving you with little to no data.  Fortunately, we have a few tips to keep the sessions simple, while still allowing you to collect the data you need:

1. Limit Session Blocks

    • We suggest programming 10 or fewer blocks. This means less clicking and scrolling for your athletes.

2. Track Key Movements

    • Use Circuit Blocks for movements that you don't need to track and Exercise Blocks for lifts you’d like to track more closely.

3. For Group Training- Program 1 Leaderboard Section per day to encourage competition

4. Preview the Session from your mobile app

    • Log into the mobile app with your coach login credentials and check out the session  before your athletes do. It's a great way to check your work and familiarize yourself with the athlete experience.

5. Let your athletes know what to expect

    • Establish a regular time when you will program sessions 
    • Keep your programming up to date!
      • Nothing makes athletes drop off faster than when the log in and find an empty training calendar.
      • We recommend that you program at least one week beyond the current date.

Important features you should know about:

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