What's the difference programming for Teams vs. individual athletes?

With TrainHeroic, you have the power to program for both teams and individual athletes. Some coaches will strictly program using team calendars, others with 1:1 calendars and some will use a combination of both. 

Watch the clip above or read more below to determine which option best suits your needs:

Team Calendar: 

  • Functions like a virtual gym, everyone on the team will see the same programming each day
  • One central place to build and edit training sessions that go out to everyone on the team

1:1 calendar:

  • A place to add custom programming for an individual or assign a program to a single person
  • Edit team sessions for just one person (great if a team athlete has an injury)

Click here to learn more specifics about programming for individuals. 

The functionality is the same on both. You'll build sessions the same way, add pre-made programs the same way. The only difference is who sees what you add to the calendar. Programming on the 1:1 calendar goes to one athlete, where as programming on a team calendar goes out to everyone who's a member of that team. 

If you still have questions about programming for individuals versus teams, our Customer Success team would be happy to give you a spot. Shoot us an email at

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