How do I delete athletes from my Athlete List?

If you begin an off-season with 100 athletes, you most likely will finish with a few less. If an athlete is no longer part of the Team or leaves your organization, you can remove them from the Team, and your athlete list. 

Note: Removing an athlete from all Teams or Programs will effectively remove them from your Athlete List immediately. Deleting a Team will NOT remove the athlete from your list or cancel their subscription.

1. Login to your coach account, and select Athletes from the left-hand menu.


2. Select an athlete's name from the list. Selecting the athlete's name will open a drawer on the right.


3. From the drawer menu, select Account, then select the trash can icon to the right of the Team or Program to remove them.


To move on to the next athlete, simply click on their name from the list and repeat.

You're not deleting that athlete's TrainHeroic account, but simply removing them from your Team(s). Their history will be saved on their account, in case they train with you in the future.

If you have any questions about removing members of your team after reviewing this article and video, please contact the Performance Team by emailing

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