Best Practices: Messaging Expectations to Your Athletes

You’ve invested in a technology solution and there was a reason WHY you chose TrainHeroic specifically. Perhaps you're looking to increase accountability or to better track progress.  

Now it’s time to share your WHY with your athletes so they can help you bring this vision to life. It can even be as simple as, “When you log, it helps me help you to be your best.” 

Below are some suggestions for getting the message out to your athletes:

  • Lay the Ground Rules and explain your expectations for logging
    • Tell athletes when you expect them to log their sessions
    • Let them know when they can expect the programming to be added, how often and how many sessions per week
  • Explain the benefits
    • Progress Tracking
    • Viewable History
    • Ability to access all of their working maxes
    • Communication via the team feed
    • Leaderboard competitions for group training
    • Demonstration videos and instant feedback

  • Expect the best from everyone

For Team accounts, you'll need to explain if/what the consequences will be for not logging or for using other apps during training time.

  • Consequences for not logging
    • What will happen if they don’t log? (25 Burpees?)
    • Let the athlete know that they could put themselves at risk for getting injuries (this happens when they are overloaded based on out of date maxes)

As much as we'd love to be in the weight room with you, we can't. It's up to you to set expectations and create a culture of athletes who care about their training and tracking progress. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like some help with messaging for your athletes. We're available at

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