Best Practices: Creating a Game Plan

Do you have a plan for how to rollout TrainHeroic?

If not, you may want to start thinking about one. Much like you had to learn how to program sessions in the platform, your athletes will need to learn how to log their sessions.

You wouldn't go into a training session without a plan and implementing TrainHeroic should be no different. Creating a plan for athlete signup will help ensure that everything runs like a well oiled machine.


Two things to consider before you roll this out:

1. When do you want your athlete(s) to sign-up?

  • Will they sign up on phones? In a computer lab? For homework? During their training session?
  • If you plan to use the tablet app exclusively (Elite accounts only), athletes will need to sign up ahead of time from a computer
  • Create time for athletes to create their account

2. When will your athletes log their sessions?

  • After the session? After each block? During rests?
  • Are they in stations?

In addition to getting athletes signed up and logging, we have a few tips to help make your first week run a bit more smoothly.

Tips for Day 1:

  • Schedule a dummy session to work out the kinks
    • If you need baseline numbers, make this a 1RM testing day
  • Schedule a shorter session
    • This allows for learning and potential tech issues (bad wifi anyone?)
  • Keep it fun!

Tips for Week 1:

  • Allow extra time (10-15 minutes) for logging during the during the first week with TrainHeroic
  • Publicly reward those who are logging
  • Keep reminding those who aren’t logging what your expectations are (great time to implement the burpee penalty)
  • If utilizing the leaderboard, reward or give shout outs to the top 5 scores

If you'd like to discuss your rollout plan with our Customer Success team, please reach out to us at 

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