Best Practices: Monitoring Athletes and Reviewing Training Data

You've put in the time and set expectations with your athletes and have started using TrainHeroic on a regular basis. Now what?

It's time to monitor athletes to ensure that you're getting the data that you need. 


Be sure to follow through with your original ground rules

  • If athletes aren’t in the habit of logging, now is your chance to correct that behavior and instill consistent logging habits
  • Remind athletes that when they log, it enables you to help them be their best

View athlete participation and follow up with athletes that are not logging

  • Participation reports are available for teams
  • Specifics for individual athletes are viewable via their 1:1 calendar
  • Refer athletes to the TrainHeroic Customer Success team if they are having any issues logging in or accessing the training sessions. We're available at 

For athletes who are logging, use the Analytics tab to view Athlete Readiness scores and Athlete Training Summaries

These will give you an idea of how they are feeling before each session and a summary of what they're logging.

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