How can I print or export Analytics?

Just like your athletes, we're making small, incremental changes in Analytics in hopes to make a larger impact on your coaching. While it might not be obvious (yet!), you can both print and export your Analytics, and here's how.


From your browser menu, select File>Print. Boom!



While there isn't a true 'EXPORT' option from Analytics, we've designed these tools so that the data is easily extractable. If you're a scientist and you'd like to use your own custom calculations to crunch the numbers, the data is yours.

Highlight your columns and rows. Use your keyboard shortcuts to copy (command+C) the data, then paste the data (command+P) into a new Excel sheet. Your data will be organized in the same format as seen in Analytics.

If you have any questions on these analytics or anything else, please shoot us an email at

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