Introduce Your Athletes to TrainHeroic

You've invested in TrainHeroic and we're just as excited as you to launch TH with your athletes.

Let's invest the time to introduce your athletes to TrainHeroic so they understand how they'll benefit from it each and every day.

You'll want to post on your social channels about the change; Facebook, Instagram, and of course, your website.

To make it easy on you, here's exactly what we suggest that you post. Add the flavor packet by making this your own, but here you go!

As long as your post includes the URL listed in the sample post, an image will be displayed athletes will be directed to a page where they can learn more. 


Sample Post:


Hey {insert your gym name here} athletes, we have some exciting news!

TrainHeroic is an app-based training platform used by college teams, pro teams, the US military, and some of the best gyms and athletes around the world.

With TrainHeroic, you'll be able to:

  • Stay connected to me (your coach) and our community
  • Track the progress you're making along your training journey
  • Let me know exactly where you're at so I can help you be your best

Check out their website for information on how to get started with the app, sign up, and use this access code to connect with me.

Access Code: {enter your access code here}


If you have any questions for our Customer Success Team, we can be reached at



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