I have questions on Archiving my athletes

What does “Archive” do?

“Archive” removes an athlete from all teams and cuts off their access to feeds.

It also cuts off the coach’s access to the athlete’s calendar and feed, and removes access to them from the coach’s mobile app.

Archiving an athlete is a way for you to say “I am totally done with coaching and reporting on this athlete, and I’d like to remove them from the lists I use.”

What does “Remove From Teams” do?

“Remove From Teams” removes the selected athlete(s) from any teams they are a member of. These athletes will be moved to “Athletes not on a Team,” and will still have an individual calendar and feed that you can access. 


Can I still report on this athlete or see them in Analytics?
No. You can only report on active athletes.
If you add the athlete back to the group you want to report on, their data and calendar will again be accessible to you.


What if I archive someone by mistake? 

That’s the nice thing about “Archive” instead of “Delete” - you can always undo the Archive action easily by going to the archived list. 

  • Undo Archive: places athlete in “Athletes Not on a Team”
  • You can also add an archived athlete directly to a team by going to Actions > Account from the Archived list


What does the athlete experience when I archive them?

We do not send the athlete any kind of message that they have been Archived in your organization. This Archive feature is intended to be used for managing athletes you are no longer coaching.

An Archived athlete will no longer have access to the calendars and feeds your organization owns.

For a step by step guide for how to remove athletes from your teams or your organization, click here.

If you have any further questions on Archiving athletes or anything else, please reach out to us at

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